Ombre Technique

These walls are sure to make jaws drop! Fresco Ombré, made from either the Fresco® Concrete or Fresco® Classic product, is just what it means: an applied finish that gently blends one color hue to another, moving from light to dark or even from one color to a completely different color.

This effect is extremely sensory evoking, especially in large-scale application, and can help accent furniture, decor, or be the focal point of the room or space it is applied in.

The easiest way to do this is to select three to four colors from a single color strip. This way there is no guess-work about if the colors work together.

Simple plastered Ombre DIY-

  1. Divide the wall into the same number of sections as colors you are using, marking with chalk.
  2. Create a gap a few inches thick on either side of the chalk lines (the chalk can easily be plastered over).
  3. Mix all colors of Fresco and apply with a trowel in horizontal manner such that each color appears as a band.
  4. Using the trowel, blend each color into the adjacent color to your liking.
  5. Hard trowel/polish the entire wall.

Check out our Fresco® Concrete line and get started on your Ombre dreams.

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