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Environmental Fact Sheet

LEED applicable product under Version 2.1 of the Green Building Rating System: 

Material Resources

Credit 1.3 – Fresco® Plaster helps maintain and refurbish non-shell areas as it can be applied over existing paint, wallcoverings, brick, and laminate. 

Credit 2.1 – Our Fresco® Plaster manufacturing and site management policies re-direct recyclable products back to us or to other installation sites, not landfills. 

Credit 4.1 and 4.2 – Fresco® Plaster contains 70% post-consumer, recycled paper pulp and glass. 

Credit 5.1 and 5.2 – Applicable for installations in the Chicago-land area, as raw materials are procured and manufactured locally. 

Indoor Environmental Quality

Credit 4.2 – Fresco® Plaster emits no/low VOCs. 

More Details

Fresco® Plaster materials contain no solvents or chemicals. 

Fresco® Plaster is durable as well as crack and UV-resistant, requiring less frequent replacement than other traditional wall surfacing materials. 

Fresco® Plaster prevents excess expenditures during refurbishing or modernization projects as it can be applied over existing paint, common wall finishes, and laminates. 

Fresco® Plaster has a low maintenance profile, generally requiring only mild abrasive pads to remove scuffs and mars. 

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