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Beautiful, premium fresco finishes

After having been in the decorative plaster business for 30 years, Dan and Victoria Näss, the founders, grew tired of the overseas manufacturers making their products available to a select few contractors, so they founded StudioÄix.  At StudioÄix our mission is to provide our customers with a fresh approach to decorative plaster, demystifying it, making the finishes available to everyone from contractors to the DIY public, from the highly experienced to the 1st timers.  We want the customer’s experience to be as positive as possible and one which makes the customer feel valued and appreciated, regardless of their experience level.

We will support our customers as good as can be through current technology, doing away with the mandatory mundane and costly classes that our competitors require.  At the same time, we will continue working with new raw materials so that we may keep supplying our customers with not only new finishes, but new ways to utilize them.  And we will always support American jobs by sourcing all our materials and manufacturing all of our products here in the USA.

What was once only best practice for designers and architects throughout North America, is now the material of choice for everyone from consumers to contractors to architects and designers.  Our passion is your passion…creating beautiful spaces to live, work and play.

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