Fresco Techniques

Fresco® Carbon Steel

Fresco® Carbon Steel, made from the Fresco® Classic product, is a dead ringer to replicate the nuances of steel plating.  It is lighter in color than Fresco® Hot Rolled Steel and has more surface characters, adding a bit of texture and more of a matte sheen.

Fresco® Hot Rolled Steel

Fresco® Hot Rolled Steel, made from the Fresco® Classic product, speaks to the burn marks left behind on steel from hot torching.  It is darker in color than Fresco® Carbon Steel with a higher sheen value and smoothness, yet still having its industrial appearance.

Fresco® Sparkle

Fresco® Sparkle, made from the Fresco® Concrete product, is just how it sounds, a plaster finish that has an inherent sparkle embedded into the material’s surface.

Fresco® Concrete Puck Technique

Recessed concrete form pucks are incorporated into the wall finish for a truly authentic concrete look.  Standard size puck holes are 1” diameter by ½” depth, however, they can be customized to your preference.

Fresco® Concrete Raised Form Line Technique

Raised form lines add an element of dimension and spacing.  Standard distance between lines is 6”, however, they can be customized to your preference.

Fresco® Concrete Recessed Form Line Technique

Recessed form lines add another element of dimension and sizing.  Standard distance between lines is 24”, however, they can be customized to your preference.

Fresco® Concrete Raked Technique

Choose from a light to heavy texture, horizontal or vertical direction, to make this linear finish customized to your preference.

Fresco® Crosshatch

Fresco® Crosshatch combines several overlapping razor-thin translucent layers of the Fresco® Venetian plaster product along with burnishing from the trowel to give a look similar to basketweave, with varying degrees of transparency to create a one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional visual effect.

Fresco® Ombré

Fresco Ombré, made from the Fresco® Concrete product is just what it means, an applied finish that gently blends one color hue to another, moving from light to dark or even from one color to a completely different color.  Extremely sensory evoking, especially in large-scale application.

Fresco® Strié

Fresco® Strié is a linear finish made from the Fresco Venetian product that is quite versatile…with horizontal striations, vertical, or on any angle…thin lines or thick lines…with or without a metallic effect.  A denim or linen look can easily be achieved, even a checkerboard pattern, creating a very unique effect, evoking sensations of height or elongation.

Fresco® Travertine

Fresco® Travertine is much like quarried travertine stone with a directional aspect to it along with a semi-polished appearance.  Both light and dark tones combine to make this a technique of choice when combined with our Smooth or Venetian products whether it be banding, running bond, or a similar design concept.

Fresco® Stencil

Fresco® Stencils can be very effective at customizing your application through logos, images, and quotes, and can be incorporated both raised and recessed.

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