Fresco® Concrete featuring: Raked Finish

Concrete walls are all the craze these days! They will make any room in your home home in your room feel modern. Not only that, these coatings are environmentally friendly and easy to install on any wall of your home. Fresco® Concrete can be finished in a variety of textures. One of our favorites is the raked technique. Choose from light to heavy texture, horizontal or vertical direction customized to your preference.

Fresco® Concrete is as easy as these steps!

  1. Apply a finishing coat with sufficient thickness to make sure the grooves will not expose the base coat
  2. Comb surface vertically or horizontally

There are many benefits in choosing Fresco® Concrete for your next project.

  • Cleans with water or Magic Eraser-type cleaner works great
  • Non-toxic
  • Extremely durable
  • Won’t crack
  • Allows substrate to breathe
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