The Latest Trend: TADELAKT

Fresco® TADELAKT is a popular choice in plaster for designers. It’s modern, beautiful, and most importantly, durable!


You might be thinking, what is TADELAKT?

The word TADELAKT is derived from Arabic and means “to rub” or “knead” which makes sense with the way it’s installed. It’s a popular technique that has been used for centuries in Morocco. The main difference between Fresco® TADELAKT and traditional Fresco® Venetian Plaster is that it’s waterproof, water-repellant and mold/mildew-resistant. Making it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens!


How is TADELAKT installed?

The traditional TADELAKT process may have been laborious, but Fresco® TADELAKT only requires three coats with the addition of burnishing and a final acrylic-based sealer coat.


How does one clean TADELAKT?

Maintenance is easy! Just wipe with water, no chemical cleaners necessary here. You may want to re-apply the sealer occasionally to keep it in great condition.


Want to purchase Fresco® TADELAKT for your upcoming project? Check out the many colors we offer! 

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